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We analyze the aviation market demand by region and country then position your product or service where it will achieve the best fit and the most attractive leads. We do this with our extreme aviation marketing capabilities and the research done on historical data and growing global trends. XBS gives you the best assistance with selling an aircraft, engine, parts, ACMI charter or lease.

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At XBS, we have extensive and reliable global network of airlines, aircraft owners and MRO's which enables us to identify best-fit aircraft, engines or parts available for purchase long before it is available in the open market. We transfer these unique opportunities to our customers who in turn can quickly and efficiently acquire best-fit aircraft, engines or even ACMI and charter services.

Customized & Intelligent Marketing Solutions

XBS generates interest for your aircraft and services like charter, Lease, and ACMI, how do we do it? Well! We create tailor-made marketing campaigns for your sales and acquisition needs; we craft these campaigns based on careful and thorough research of your target audience, markets, regions, physiological, ethnic, social, demographic and other behavioral traits.

Results of our Marketing Solutions

Increase in Sales
Brand Awareness Growth
New Happy Customers
Acquisition Improvement

Our Marketing Recipe

Our marketing recipe is a tailor-made approach to the best aviation marketing strategies. We thoroughly analyze and audit the current market situation to recommend the very best options for your business.


Marketing Plan

We structure the objectives of your business by creating effective marketing plans for both start-up and existing business


Business Intelligence

We analyze and report business operations, products, services, and competitors to optimize and improve the decision-making process and business performance.


Competitor Analysis

We identify, evaluate and report your competitor strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses.


Product & Service Analysis

We evaluate your products and services and recommend the required actions to better position it in the market.


Product & Service Design

We have creative ideas to design your products and services from scratch with all of the required aviation marketing and branding properties.


Pricing Evaluation

We evaluate your product and service pricing strategy and making adjustments where necessary to offer reasonable prices that are competitive and satisfactory for the customer.



We write editorials that give your maximum exposure to your business on all electronic and print media.



Advertorials are paid editorials and placed on top of publications, We write and publish best practice advertorials for your aviation business.


Content Creation

We have the expertise to serve you with regards to website content, company profile, presentations and even product or service specifications.


PPC (Pay Per Click)

Want to get quick results in sales and marketing? We run PPC, which is an effective paid marketing campaign for quick sales & acquisition needs.


Social Media

People of almost any age and interest are engaged in social media. Thus we create filtered campaigns based on age and interest to let you rock on this platform.


Referral Marketing

We publish your products and services on professional aviation websites and print media which serves sales and acquisition listings.



We have extended expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), Which is vital to keep your aviation business website on top of top search engines.


Brand Identity

We develop modern, professional looking and unique brand identity for your business, product or services.


Brand Development

Trust is vital to the brand development, and we gain trust among our clients with our expertise in brand development.



We assist with your newsletter automation software systems which keep your customers engaged and returning.



We assist you with establishing strong public relations which can generate a positive outlook for your business, products, and services within the aviation industry.


Business Database

By using the CRM system, we help you with building your business database in-house. You can then use it for various aviation marketing activities and to engage your new and existing customers.

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