Cloud-Based Products for Aviation Industry

Our SAAS model (software as a service) products are entirely web-based, extraordinarily flexible and uniquely customizable to meet your business requirements. Keeping productivity and agility in mind, we have designed our products in a way that you can simply access and efficiently use it on any PC, tablet and or mobile of any screen size.

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Airline Project Management

With our proven project management methodologies, we can assist your new airline with setting up booking, departure, crew, commercial management and other business required systems in most efficient competitive and timely manner to ensure that your airline launch is on time.

Internet Booking Systems
Departure Control Systems
Weight & Balance Systems
Crew Scheduling Systems
Boarding Pass Systems
Baggage Tag Systems
Global Distribution System
Commercial & Marketing
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Customized & Intelligent Marketing Solutions

We generate massive interest in your sales and acquisition needs through our masterly-crafted and customized marketing and business intelligence solutions.

We give Improved results

Sales & Marketing
Brand Awareness
Happy Customers
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Business App Consultancy

We want to be specific about the expertise we possess, and that's where we guarantee success to our customers. Whether you are a startup or an established airline or aviation business company, we provide you with expert consulting in implementing and developing recommended systems; we consider all aspects of change and what drives it to succeed. We’ll guide and motivate you, every step of the way to success.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Sage X3 ERP

Microsoft Dynamics

Amazon Cloud

Azure Cloud

Google Cloud


Office 365

IOT Development

Web & Apps Development

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XBS Cloud Partners

XBS is proudly partnering with various reputed and industry leading cloud service providers, we transform and implement their high productivity applications together with our unmatched expertise and bring success to your business.

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